Board of Directors

David Moore

David B Moore

David is founder, chairman, and managing principal of Marathon Capital Holdings. His bio can be found here.

Shiv Govindan

Shiv Govindan

Shiv is a financial services entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience. He is a managing member of Celeridem Capital, LLC, a director of Symbiont, Inc., a leader in the blockchain technology space, and Chairman of Helios Holdings, a financial technology firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Previously, Shiv served as president of Resource Financial Institutions Group, Inc. (RFIG), the bank private equity platform for Resource America (NASDAQ: REXI), a ~$20 billion AUM alternative asset management company. In this capacity, he was responsible for all aspects of RFIG's operations including fundraising, investing, and administration. In addition to running RFIG, Shiv was involved with a variety of corporate development projects at REXI, including launching a middle-market leveraged lending group, acquiring and building a residential mortgage origination and trading platform, and a control investment in an off-the-run life settlements platform.

Shiv's career began at Bankers Trust in 1995 in fixed income derivatives. He then served in various roles culminating as director of corporate development for IQ Financial Systems, BT Ventures' largest holding. Shiv then served as principal and managing director for Beehive Ventures, LLC, a top-performing Duetsche Bank-seeded venture firm.

Shiv is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Mike Merlo

Mark Merlo

Mark is managing member of Legions IV, LLC, a private investment partnership.

Mark was a partner with Castle Creek Capital, a private equity/merchant banking firm focused on the banking industry, from 1996 to 2019. While at Castle Creek he served on the board of directors of numerous banking institutions, both public and private.

Prior to joining Castle Creek, Mark spent 12 years with several banking institutions, including Mercantile Bancorp as Vice President of Secondary Marketing, where he was responsible for hedging the bank's mortgage pipeline, risk management, and portfolio pricing and valuation policies for its mortgage banking division. Prior to Mercantile Bancorp, Mark worked at United Postal Bancorporation as Vice President and Investment Portfolio Manager, where he managed the bank's investment portfolio, liquidity and asset/liability positions, hedged and sold the bank's mortgage pipeline, and created and implemented various new products and funding strategies. Mark previously served in a similar capacity for Farm Credit Bank of St. Louis where he managed the bank's $1.0 billion investment portfolio and treasury operations. He started his career at First Federal Savings & Loan of Southeast Missouri, where he was an asset liability manager and financial analyst.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Missouri.